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Track your health like Michiel de Koning

Professional surfer Michiel loves surfing and improves his complete mind and body wellbeing.

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3 min read

Introducing the NOWATCH Team

Who is part of the team? What moves them in life? What is their favourite NOWATCH?

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7 min read

Benefits of physical activity for your mental health

Mental stress is a growing problem in modern society and is related to both mental and physical health issues.

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7 min read

How NOWATCH measures your stress levels with Biosensing

Do you ever feel very stressed or overwhelmed? Do you wish to manage your stress? With your NOWATCH wearable you can take control of your stress levels through a novel Biosensing Technology developed by Philips.

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6 min read

5 science-backed tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for your physical and mental health. Bad sleep affects your mood, energy level, stress-resilience, immune system, productivity, concentration, memory, and the list goes on and on. Do you have

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