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How to record changes in your body and mind with Sessions

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How to record changes in your body and mind with Sessions

Sessions is a new feature in the NOWATCH app that allows you to monitor how your heart rate, breath rate, stress estimate and HRV change during specific time windows.


With Sessions, you can observe how your physiology changes when you engage in various activities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, and more. Sessions is more than mere data, it's a mirror of your inner self.

We believe that understanding your body is the key to achieving balance and wellbeing in your day-to-day life. Sessions empower you to monitor and analyse how your physiology responds during different activities, helping you discover what truly works best for you.


Marco running


To use Sessions, open the NOWATCH app and simply click on the Living Lab. From there, you can click 'Capture new session' to start a Session or you can always double-press the crown of your NOWATCH to initiate a session. 

During a Session, you'll see in real-time how your physiology is changing on the app. Then to stop a Session, either double-press the crown of your NOWATCH or click the stop icon in the NOWATCH app. Before the Session starts you can give a score to the question 'How do you feel right now?'.


Session phone screen

You'll be asked the same questions when your Sessions end so you can uncover what truly works for you.  After ending your Session you'll see a report 'My Session' with your data from this window of time including graphs, and a before and after overview. The personalised reports on how your physiology changed can help you uncover what truly works for you and find balance in your day-to-day journey.

Sessions is not just about living your life, it's about understanding it. By exploring your body's reactions during different activities, you can uncover what suits your unique needs.


For Aquila, the sensation of his body and mind becoming restless or seeking distraction signals the need for meditation. With Sessions, this intuitive feeling is validated with scientific proof. Real-time data shows that his physiology undergoes a transformation, achieving a more balanced state during his practice.


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