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Who is the NOWATCH customer success lead and what is her lifestyle like?

Who are you? Selina Horning, in charge of Customer Success.

What one word would you use if you have to describe yourself?


I can read a room and understand people’s energy. I am aware that I have this superpower and happily use it when it’s needed. Also, I feel I help myself when I help others, it gives me a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.

How do you prioritize wellbeing in your own life?

I strive to find the balance between work, my loved ones, and time for myself. I try to have a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with my goals of keeping things simple, I do not want to own too much stuff. Therefore I have more time and resources available to take care of my mental health. I love doing my usual morning routine of yoga, and meditation in combination with surfing and quiet time in nature.  When I do this regularly, I feel beautiful, elegant, and happy from within.

How and when do you experience flow?

I love playing games with friends and being part of creative processes like making music. Learning something new gets me in a playful mindset and this way I find flow quite easily.

Finding a balance between challenge and skill and then having that deep concentration, with actions and awareness being merged is when I experience flow and therefore awe. 

What is your relationship with technology? 

I have a” Love-Hate relationship” with technology. For many years I had a dream to work remotely as I like traveling. I have noticed how much I get done efficiently when traveling. I studied in Kenya a couple of years ago and was grateful to have the technology to connect with people back home. I do not like social media and I have turned off all my notifications, taken the apps off my phone interface, and lived happily ever after... I’d much rather call a friend and go for a beach walk to find a moment of true connection.

How does stress influence your decision/feelings/performance?

When I am stressed I get a bit fearful and indecisive, and I don’t like the feeling of fight or flight. But I think a little stress, like that little rush of adrenaline, is ok, as it gives a little pressure to get things done. And getting things done makes me feel good. I am continuously working on finding the perfect balance.

If you could inspire someone else through a health challenge, what would that challenge be?

I would challenge you to turn off your social media notifications for a week and start your day with a short morning meditation. Even five minutes of meditation daily is enough to help clear your mind, improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

What is your favorite NOWATCH configuration?

I love wearing the NOWATCH gold case, with the clay leather strap and the white agate. Shop Selina's favorite NOWATCH.





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