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NOWATCH Customer Reviews

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NOWATCH Customer Reviews

How customers experience their journey with NOWATCH



Eniola (28, Nairobi)

How does NOWATCH help you in your daily life?

NOWATCH helps me to stay present and stay focused throughout my day.

What NOWATCH feature do you experience as most beneficial?

I’m in love with the vibrations that remind me to be mindful. Throughout the day, I receive gentle vibrations that help me to take a moment to do a body scan or just take a breath. This is an incredibly powerful tool for me because I struggle to stay centered in this fast-paced world.

Have people commented on you wearing a NOWATCH?

NOWATCH really fits in as a piece of jewellery that everyone notices. Whether I’m at the gym, at work or with friends, people ask questions about it. They’re curious because it doesn’t tell the time and my Malachite looks like a piece of art. Often they don’t even understand that it is a wearable that tracks my health.

You already mentioned your favourite gemstone, the Malachite. What is your favourite combination of the disc, case colour, and strap?

I loved the Malachite at first sight but when I was visiting the store I also fell in love with the Amethyst and White Agate. So I’d still say that the Gold Case, Malachite and Pine Strap is my favourite combination but ask me next week and that might have changed.



Mark (39, Utrecht)

How have you been using NOWATCH in your daily life?

NOWATCH is a beautiful awareable, I especially like it as a piece of jewellery. It helps me track my sleep and makes me more aware of my sleep cycles. I stopped drinking during the week because I could see the impact it has on my sleep. And also, the random vibrations help me to stay present!

What are the three most valuable lessons regarding your health and wellbeing that you have gained since you began using NOWATCH?

  1. I stopped drinking during the week because it influences my sleep cycle too much.

  2. I feel more present and grounded.

  3. Activity and stress seem unrelated.

Has NOWATCH changed your habits and behaviour?

It has made me more aware, become more present. And yes, it helped to make an important decision regarding the drinking of alcohol.

What is your advice to others that use NOWATCH to improve their health and wellbeing?

Activate the random vibrations!

What is your favourite combination?

The Labradorite with a gold case and Onyx strap.



Stacy (58, Los Angeles)

How have you been using NOWATCH in your daily life?

Living in Los Angeles can be incredibly stressful, but the NOWATCH has been a lifesaver for me. The mindfulness reminders and breathing exercises have helped me manage my stress levels and stay grounded in this fast-paced city. It’s especially helpful when sitting on the 101 stuck in traffic and I receive a vibration that reminds me to breathe.

What is your advice to others that use NOWATCH to improve their health and wellbeing?

NOWATCH is the best gentle reminder to check in with myself and find balance, rather than constantly checking my phone and being reminded of all the things I need to do. The thing I can recommend most to new community members is to turn on vibrations. It has really helped me.

What do you think of NOWATCH’s design?

What initially drew me in was how beautiful the design was. It's not just the functionality that I love, but how unique and organic the design is compared to other wearables. I'm so grateful for the combination of style and function that NOWATCH offers. I get many compliments from friends and strangers alike, always asking where I got it and how they can get one for themselves.

What is your favourite combination disc, case colour, and strap?

My first stone was a White Agate, which I still love. However, many of the metal discs weren’t in stock until I visited the store recently. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the gold parabola. It has a modern feel and is a more durable option for sports. Holding it close to my eye, I was shocked that I could see the intricate details of my iris. So, my favourite combo now is the Gold Case, Gold Parabola and Oak Strap.



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