NOWATCH is a movement committed to helping people get more from each moment of life.

The world's first true 'Awareable', NOWATCH brings balance to your worlds. NOWATCH helps you to predict stress, improve sleep, and restore balance for complete mind and body wellbeing.

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Restoring Our
Connection to Self

Your body is already the most sophisticated, sensing system ever created. NOWATCH reminds you of that. It opens your mind and your senses to the world outside and the world within, building a bridge between the two; restoring balance.

Seamlessly integrate mindfulness into daily life

The only true reference point we have to this moment in time, and to this thing we label existence, is a feeling of presence. Here – centred to see through life’s lens with clarity and unfiltered awareness – a state that supports us in our journey towards contentment and understanding. To Nature, life is one evolving moment – a perpetual cycle of interdependent impermanence.

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Man looking upwards

Freeing your mind to
explore the world afresh.

Stress and anxiety exacerbated by our always-on lives is often solved by yet more information, data and obligations... and so on.

This is the cycle from which NOWATCH frees you. The sensing technology that NOWATCH contains is hidden. There is no screen. The signals from your body it collects are simply felt, liberating you from constant connection; restoring balance; opening up the potential of every experience.

Your data is private

Lets keep it that way

NOWATCH resets your relationship with technology so that it works for you subtly, securely and with complete privacy. It enables you to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that data can bring, without usual payoff in loss of privacy, control and ownership of your information.

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Simply by owning NOWATCH, you become part of a community of 'Passive Activists', resisting contemporary rules of engagement with tech through the act of non-participation.

NOWATCH is more than a wearable.

It's an expression of liberation.

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(Re-) Balancing life

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NOWATCH reconnects you with Nature, inside and outside yourself. It liberates you from oppressive structures, rules and external influences. It creates a profound freedom by rebalancing your relationship with your true self, the environment around you and the fight of future generations to inherit a more perfect planet.

NOWATCH rebalances your relationship with your true self, the environment and the fight of the future generations to inherit a more perfect planet.

Building a sustainable product with a positive impact on the world has been our objective from the start. With every partner and stakeholder, with every choice for materials and packaging, we revisit our commitment to use our business as a force for good. We've incorporated this commitment in our mission and promise to keeping that as a priority when we grow.

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