Our why

Our why is simple.
More from each moment.

There is no future, only NOW. NOWATCH helps you get more from each moment by minimising the distracting forces of stress, poor sleep and understimulation. When you measure your body and mind, you can restore balance for complete wellbeing.

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Come home to yourself

Your body is the most sophisticated sensing system ever created. NOWATCH opens your mind to the connection between your physical and mental states, so you can restore balance whenever you need to, and love your life even more.

Mindfulness you can measure

NOWATCH helps you integrate mindfulness into your day – and see results as they happen. With real-time bio-tracking and science backed advice, you can watch how mindfulness changes your physiology and helps restore balance, fast.

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Man looking upwards

Free your mind and explore more

NOWATCH helps you break the cycle of overstimulation, anxiety and stress. With hidden technology, quietly collecting your bio-data, you can benefit from health tracking without the distractions of a screen. When you liberate yourself from ‘always-on’ culture you can open up to the potential of every moment.

Your data is private

Let’s keep it that way

NOWATCH resets your relationship with technology so that it works for you subtly, securely and with complete privacy. It enables you to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that data can bring, without the usual payoff in loss of privacy, control and ownership of your information.

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Who are your people?

NOWATCH is a symbol of a life lived differently. When you spot a fellow NOWATCHER you’ll know you have some things in common. Like the belief that mindfulness can make a difference, and that cutting-edge technology can be an exciting force for good if used in the right way. You’ll probably also be fans of beautiful design.

NOWATCH is more than a wearable.

It’s an expression of liberation.

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TIME IS NOW to make the most responsible choices we can. At NOWATCH we’re committed to minimising our social and environmental impact across the entire business. Below is a list of our current initiatives.

Building a sustainable product with a positive impact has been our objective from the start

- We are committed to becoming a B Corp and our certification is currently pending.
- When it comes to electronics we always choose the most durable materials, never the cheapest, to make sure your NOWATCH will be loved for decades, and even generations.
- Our stones are ethically sourced and traceable from mine to wrist. Soon you will be able to see each individual stone on the blockchain.
- We own our own stone-cutting facility and work with a family-run, 7th generation business of stone cutters! We are proud to have long-term contracts with these families offering financial stability and transparency in employment practices, guaranteeing our stones are free from child labour.
- We demand a high level of transparency from our suppliers and hold them to European standards of conduct.
- Our packaging is completely biodegradable and free from plastic.
- The NOWATCH case has been made entirely from cork, a completely sustainable and renewable resource. Designed in collaboration with Corkhino Studios in Antwerp, the case is a beautiful design object to treasure forever.

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We’d love to hear from you and will respond within 24 hours on business days.

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