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NOWATCH is a health innovation company with a mission to help people navigate the increasingly fast-paced world of technology. Our flagship product, the NOWATCH Awareable, is the first wearable device to measure a cortisol proxy, predicting stress response and restoring balance for complete mind and body wellbeing.

What we stand for.

We believe in restoring balance.
A new balance between technology and humanity. A new balance between humanity and the carrying capacity of the earth. We operate our business to use it as a force for good.

In everything we do we adhere to our three company values:

- Seek balance
- Celebrate and nurture life on earth
- Shifting Minds and culture

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Designed in Amsterdam

Produced in Finland

NOWATCH brings together the best in Eastern and Western craftsmanship. With talent across three continents we passionately combine philosophy, hardware technology, software innovation and ancient gemstone skills.

Board of Advisors

Dr Nandidi Tandon

Dr. Nandini Tandon

Chair of the Scientific Board

H.R.H. Rajkumar Bhriguraj Singh

H.R.H. Rajkumar Bhriguraj Singh


Chris Hall

Chris Hall

Member of the Board

Remco Wilcke

Remco Wilcke

Member of the Board

David Snellenberg

David Snellenberg

Member of the Board


52.3676° N, 4.9041° E

Akvile Varnelyte

Stone Director

Aky Varnelyte

Bart Fussel

Software and Data

Bart Fussel

Charley Dirksen

Head of Operations

Charley Dirksen

Daniel Acutt

Creative Director

Daniel Acutt

Hylke Muntinga


Hylke Muntinga

Michiel de Koning

Director of Business Development

Michiel de Koning

Pieter van Wijk

Front-End Developer

Pieter van Wijk

Tessa Lippmann

Director of Partnerships

Tessa Lippmann

Timothée Manschot


Timothée Manschot


+40 people

Amsterdam (AMS)

52.3676° N, 4.9041° E

Jeffrey - Software

Sanne - Software

Ruben - Software

Jeroen - Software

Marcel - Software

Jodie - Software

Sanjay - Software

David - Brand

Inge - Brand

Ward - Brand

Marjolein - Brand

Jaipur (JAI)

26.9124° N, 75.7873° E

Marco - Chief operations

Azhar - Team manager

Najju - Gemologist buyer

Vinu - Quality control

Zamil - Polishing master

Alex - Stone cutter

Aamir - Drop setter

Javed - Drop setter

Imran - Polisher

Sehzad - Stone roundness

Nisar - Stone smoothness

Oulu (OU)

65.0121° N, 25.4651° E

Antti - Technology

Jukka - Hardware

Erkki - Software

Harri - Sourcing

Leif - Hardware

Kalle - Mechanics

Joona - Mechanics

Jussi - Tester

Jaakko - Hardware

Aku - Software

Henri - Mechanics

Los Angeles (LA)

34.0522° N, 118.2437° W

Coming soon

At NOWATCH we believe in partnerships. We are proud to work closely with Philips Biosensing. Together we can achieve more, better and faster.

Intentionally sourced minerals

From our craft team in Jaipur

Rajasthan is the northwestern region in India, famous for its long history of artisanal craftmanship. Strategically located in ancient trading routes, it developed into the production hub of the finest cloths and gems.

It is in Jaipur, Rajasthan, that we found the craftsmen that come from families who master and preserve generations long practices of gemstone knowledge and skills. We are honoured to have these craftsmen join our NOWATCH tribe.

Stone cutting family

Multi-generational stone-cutting experience

All of our gemstones are intentionally selected and cut, to uphold the highest quality, traceability and sustainability standards. The stonecutting process is done with fine precision by hand. We are proud to "feel" and approve each stone with care before it becomes a token of the earth.

Poloshing a stone
A single stone

We're using business as a force for good

We are in the proces of getting our B corporation certification. If accepted we will meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.
Certified Corporation

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours on business days.


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