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The worlds first Awareable

"The stress-forecasting timepiece"

"There is no time like the present with NOWATCH"

"New high-tech device can predict when you're about to become too stressed"

A new relationship with technology.

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Helping you to restore mental and physical balance

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Using algorithms and technologies developed in partnership with Philips, the NOWATCH offers analysis and insight into the most important pillars of health and wellbeing

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The App

The app informs us on how our physiological data is affected by our lifestyle and habits. Our user experience design seeks to explore a subjective and experiential take on personalized health monitoring with encouraging insights.

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Understand how your activity affects your wellbeing

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Make use of a new predictive wearable technology called Biosensing (by EDA)

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Wake up fresh with the latest sleep algorithms

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Integrate mindfulness into your daily life


Magnetically interchange the central disc of your NOWATCH to suit your style and mood. Easily switch between beautifully machined stainless steel discs, and prehistoric stones which have existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

Interchangability Stone 1
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Interchangability Watch Case
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The Atelier is a space for you to explore all the possible configurations of NOWATCH. Click through the steps to create something that feels right for your personal taste and style.

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NOWATCH is a health innovation company with a mission to help us navigate the increasingly fast-paced world of technology and data. Addicted to screens and information, we find ourselves reluctantly ‘plugged in’, which turns out to have tremendous effects on our wellbeing and overall health. It’s time to live with more intention and focus. The NOWATCH seeks to rebalance us to get most out of life, fostering a healthy lifestyles and re-connection to the present moment.

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Our Pricing model consists of a device purchase price and a membership fee. Our member community empowers us to continuously improve the features, content and knowledge necessary to deliver a best-in-class app experience. The membership model also enables us to offer ultimately sharp purchasing prices for your NOWATCH of choice.

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Starting at €299, the NOWATCH device can be configured with a selection of three different colors, ten stones and discs and seventeen different straps. All our materials are ethically sourced, without any compromise on quality and sustainability.

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Starting at €299,-

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The real value of the NOWATCH is in the insights and self-knowledge it can offer you. The NOWATCH Membership provides you with everything in the app: your data driven insights and recommendations, guided exercises with educational content and full data privacy and security..

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Per month

Free of charge until the 1st of July 2023, see below for more details. All prices include VAT.

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Per month

€108 per year, paid in advance per year. Free of charge until the 1st of July 2023, see below for more details. All prices include VAT.

50% discount

Three years



Per month

€216 paid in advance for three years. Free of charge until the 1st of July 2023, see below for more details. All prices include VAT.


Through our Blogs we share science-based insights and knowledge. We invite you to read and learn about sleep, stress, activity and how these influence our physical and mental wellbeing. We will also occasionally cover our product and innovation, philosophy, team and community.

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2 min read


Read more about Selina’s lifestyle, her favorite NOWATCH configuration, and her work.

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7 min read

Benefits of physical activity for your mental health

Mental stress is a growing problem in modern society and is related to both mental and physical health issues.

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7 min read

How NOWATCH measures your stress levels with Biosensing

Do you ever feel very stressed or overwhelmed? Do you wish to manage your stress? With your NOWATCH wearable you can take control of your stress levels through a novel Biosensing Technology developed by Philips.

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