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Meet the world’s first Awareable. Inspiring you to live in the moment. By quietly capturing your most important bio-data and giving tailored feedback. So you can restore balance and wellbeing, in this moment and every moment for a life more fully lived.

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Ancient natural gemstones.

Cutting-edge biotechnology.

TIME IS NOW to restore balance.

The world’s first Awareable

"The stress-forecasting timepiece"

"There is no time like the present with NOWATCH"

"New high-tech device can predict when you're about to become too stressed"

A new relationship with technology.

A new relationship with yourself.

Design to inspire change

We’ve replaced the traditional watch face with ancient stones, celebrating the belief that time is NOW. And inside, the world’s most sophisticated biotechnology quietly tracks your mental and physical health and offers real-time feedback on how to restore balance.

Breath Rate
Heart Rate
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Skin conductance
Blood Oxygen
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Stress is not the problem.
It’s how you recover from it that matters.

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for humanity

What happens when you combine Philips’ advanced biotechnologies with the leading science around mindset and mental wellbeing?

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Take a moment to see what’s happening inside. Are you at peace, excited, overwhelmed?
The NOWATCH app is your compass for checking in on mind and body, and accessing your recommendations for restoring balance.

Beautiful intuitive visualisations make visiting the app a time to enjoy, self-reflect, and learn how to reconnect with your body.

Discover the app

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Check your movement. And see how it’s making you feel today.

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What does your skin say about your StressLevel?

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Wake up fresh with the latest sleep algorithms.

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Train your mind to listen to your body

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Inter­changeable elements

No two journeys towards a more meaningful life look the same. Choose between beautifully machined stainless steel discs and ancient natural gemstones, and switch faces easily with the magnetic interchanger.

Interchangability Stone 1
Interchangability Stone 2
Interchangability Stone 3
Interchangability Stone 4
Interchangability Stone 5
Interchangability Watch Case
Interchangability Watch Overlay
Interchangability Watch Strap

Create your NOWATCH

Where does your Awareable take you when you glance at it?
Into a quiet reflective space, or to a mysterious far away destination?
It’s up to you.

Discover ancient natural gemstones and modern minimalist discs, along with wrist straps and hardware to suit your most meaningful life.

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Our why

In this fast-paced world of technology and data where we find ourselves reluctantly ‘plugged’ in, many of us feel out of balance and disconnected from our bodies, inner power, and a sense of meaning. We believe it’s time to reconnect.

NOWATCH is the world’s first Awareable. A science-backed, tech-enabled, holistic wellness device for the curious.

Using cutting-edge technology and the leading science around mental wellbeing, NOWATCH is a nurturing partner on your journey. For a life lived with more meaning and enjoyment of the NOW.

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NOWATCH is a device, app and membership. The combination will give you ongoing access to the latest biotechnologies, and mental wellbeing recommendations to suit your mind and body in real-time.

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Starting at €427, including lifetime membership if you order now, the NOWATCH device can be configured with a selection of three different colours, eleven stones and discs and seventeen different straps. All our materials are ethically sourced, without any compromise on quality and sustainability.

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Starting at €427

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NOWATCH has everything you need to support the meaningful life you want, with real-time data-driven insights, full data privacy and security.
We add new features, wellbeing recommendations, guided exercises and educational content every month.

Pick a monthly, yearly or three year membership.

Free lifetime membership if you order NOW.

In the NOW
News & Community

From inspiring ambassadors to the latest learnings on topics like sleep, stress, movement and mental wellbeing, In The Now is our news and community space for the curious.

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NOWATCH Customer Reviews

We interviewed three members of our community on how NOWATCH has been helping them in their daily lives and what features or design aspects they find most beneficial.

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Embracing the Beginning of Spring

Last week we welcomed the new season with a celebration and excitedly received the hotly awaited delivery of NOWATCH Locus discs.

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Read more about Selina’s lifestyle, her favorite NOWATCH configuration, and her work.

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