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The worlds first Awareable

A new relationship with technology.

A new relationship with yourself.

"The stress-forecasting timepiece"

"There is no time like the present with NOWATCH"

"New high-tech device can predict when you're about to become too stressed"



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Using the power of technology to help restore your inner balance

NOWATCH measures stress, temperature, heart rate, movement and sleep, plus a range of other factors to help you become healthier, achieve focus and restore balance.

A smart, subtle vibration
inviting you to
free your mind
from distraction and focus on the present moment.

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NOWATCH around arm

Understand your inner world.

Connect with your outer world.

NOWATCH learns from you, calibrating against your body’s unique physiology to optimise the insights needed to restore physical and mental balance.

Using algorithms and technologies developed in partnership with Philips, the NOWATCH offers analysis and insight into the most important pillars of health and wellbeing

A new way to measure


A unique wearable technology called Biosensing (By EDA)

NOWATCH senses your stress level in real time using ElectroDermal Activity also known as skin conductance. NOWATCH's unique, proven algorithm accurately predicts cortisol contribution, which influences emotional, mental, and physical performance.

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A new way to experience


Stop tracking every step, start restoring balance.

With smart sensors to monitor your movement, NOWATCH helps you learn how your activity effects your mood and mental state for a balanced approach to health.

A new way to learn from your


Sleep analysis and smart wake up

Sleep is the foundation for wellbeing. Monitor your sleep cycles and learn how to optimize your rest to improve how you feel throughout your waking life.

Breath Rate
Heart Rate
Blood Oxygen
NOWATCH TheNowVisual

TheNowVisual® is a manifestation of your state of being in the present moment based on real time sensory data inputs.

Machine learning algorithms developed to reflect your current inner state.

NOWATCH TheNowVisual
Sensor Diagram


NOWATCH analyzes the way stress influences your daily life. Discover which cognitive zone you are in: are you overstimulated, balanced, or understimulated? This stress data helps NOWATCH to deliver insights that help you recognize and optimize your habits.


NOWATCH's range of activity sensors track your movement. Over longer periods you can see how more or less movement impacts the quality of your mood and mind.


By tracking your sleep NOWATCH offers you insights in how your resting state influences your active state of mind.

Dive Deeper into understanding your physiology.

NOWATCH TheNowVisual
NOWATCH app stress screen

The NOWATCH offers in depth analysis into each pillar.

NOWATCH TheNowVisual
NOWATCH app sleep screen
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The present moment is always waiting for you to notice it

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Magnetically interchange the central disc of your NOWATCH to suit your style and mood. Easily switch between beautifully machined stainless steel discs, and prehistoric stones which have excisted for hundreds of thousands of years.

Interchangability Stone 1
Interchangability Stone 2
Interchangability Stone 3
Interchangability Stone 4
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Interchangability Stone 6
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Interchangability Watch


NOWATCH Collection
NOWATCH Collection


Material Amethyst


Amethyst is the purple variety of the mineral Quartz family. It is found in igneous and metamorphic rock. Quartz which is a silicon ore is the most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It gains it’s purple colour through naturally occuring Earth’s gamma rays. The Amethist used for the NOWATCH comes from exclusively selected pieces from west and east India and is carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Amethist variations

Falcon Eye

Material Falcon Eye


The Falcon eye stone (or commonly known as Hawk's eye) comes from the Tiger Eye family of semi-precious quartz stones. The stone's natural composition creates flat stripe-like slabs of rock within which a blue shade is formed mixed with lines of iron and golden hues. A limited edition of rare India origin deposits have been sourced for the NOWATCH collection and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Falcon Eye variations


Material Labradorite


Labradorite stone displays an iridescent optical effect by the diffraction of light by the internal lamellar structure more commonly known as Labradorescence. The stone is formed in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and has been sourced from Jharkhand, North India and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Labradorite variations

Lapis Lazuli

Material Lapis Lazuli

This ancient gem contains three minerals, Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite. The stone is famous through the millenia for its rich blue colour and golden coloured Pyrite veins. Lapis Lazuli has been intentionally sourced from the Badakhshan region and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Lapis Lazuli variations


Material Malachite


Malachite stone is a mineral that is based on copper carbonate. This opaque, green-banded mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, and most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses, in fractures and deep, underground spaces. It has been sourced in West Bengal, India and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Malachite variations

Tigers Eye

Material Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye  is a mineral mixture of brown and yellowish colors. It is composed of quartz (as a main component), limonite and riebeckite. It is a gemstone that displays a chatoyancy (cat's-eye), when polished and moves back and forth in incident light. It is sourced from Rajasthan, India and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Tigers Eye variations

Rose Quartz

Material Rose Quartz


Coming from the quartz family it has a light pink colour and is formed in large pieces abundantly all over the world. NOWATCH has sourced the rose quartz from multiple mines in the Rajasthan region, India and they are carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

Rose Quartz variations

White Agate

Material White Agate


Agate is a cryptocrystalline variety of silica, mainly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. It is mainly formed within volcanic rocks or ancient lavas, where siliceous matter fills former cavities of the original molten mass. It is sourced from West India and carefully shaped by our cutters in Jaipur.

All pieces are entirely natural and will look unique.

White Agate variations
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Fall 2022

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