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Biosensing (By EDA)

Reveal your body’s hidden signals

NOWATCH is the only lifestyle wearable that measures skin conductance, the most reliable way to estimate stress, both day and night.

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Providing actionable insights into stress levels and mental states

In today’s distracted world, it’s increasingly difficult to stay attuned to your body’s signals, particularly around over- or understimulation.

When veering into an over- or understimulation zone, the NOWATCH supports you to restore balance so that you can better focus on the present moment.

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Sweat is your ally in understanding your stress

Sweat glands are coupled to our flight-or-fight response.
We can now measure its activity through your skin using Biosensing technology by Philips.

Skin conductance is a much better predictor of cognitive abilities than heart rate alone, which other wearables use to register overstimulation.

Next-level health tracking sensors

NOWATCH uses a more advanced sensor than most wearables. In addition to innovative skin conduction, the infrared (PPG) sensor reaches deeper than green light LEDs, to track subtle changes in your heart rate, sleep patterns, movement and other bio-data.

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Follow your heart

With easy-to-see resting and live heart rate measurements, NOWATCH shows individual changes throughout your day. Learn when your heart rate indicates a shift in stress, and restore balance fast.

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Your movement and mood

When you see how movement directly affects your life, you can react to restore balance and feel your best.

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Get to know your sleep better

See how much time you spend in Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, Rapid Eye Movement and Interrupted Sleep each night. Follow your sleep to learn how it influences your day, and wake up fresh.


Magnetically interchange the central disc of your NOWATCH to suit your style and mood. Easily switch between beautifully machined stainless steel discs, and ancient stones, some of which have existed for hundreds of thousands of years.


  • 37 mm Diameter
  • 10.9 mm thick
  • 18 mm Lug Width


  • Up to 3 days on one charge,
    depending on use.


  • 50m Depth
  • 5ATM


  • Stainless Steel
  • PVD Coating
  • Ceramic
  • Allergy Free
  • Temperature Resistant


  • Bluetooth Low-Energy Smart
  • EMF-Safe

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