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NOWATCH fuses science and technology into one tool to help you feel better.

When you feel better, the impact extends beyond just yourself; your wellbeing affects the people you love. We are focused on helping you change your relationship with stress and develop healthy response habits that will benefit you — and your loved ones — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The Design

We know that the bar for wearing something every day is high. From the metal finish, to the disc and the strap, your watch design is up to you. The NOWATCH is easy to assemble and swap out straps, gems, or timepieces to make it an accessory you feel excited to put on, and keep on.

Exploded view of The NOWATCH

The Technology

Algorithms are only as accurate as the sensors that feed them. NOWATCH uses research-grade sensors that most accurately capture your physiology. We take this data seriously: We will never sell or distribute your data. You own it, no one else.

The Science

Other smart devices focus solely on exercise or sleep. We track those metrics but use them to build your unique stress fingerprint by measuring activity, feelings, and heart rate for the most accurate reflection of how your body responds to stress. Each measurement reveals why you may be more or less sensitive to stress. And when you have a complete picture of how you're affected by your daily habits, you can make choices that change how you feel day to day, and that change the course of your life.

Flagship Store

Flagship Store

NOWATCH headquarters in Amsterdam


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